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The Team

One of the keys to business is the team and we pride ourselves on our team. Each one is a valued member,they enjoy their work.


Name Role Year Started at Salon   Salon
Cheryl Owner/Senior stylist 1997 Lewes
Kerry Senior Stylist 1997 Lewes
Julia Assistant 2005 Lewes
Shirley Assistant 2010 Lewes
Aimie Senior Stylist 2013 Lewes
Zoey Senior Stylist 2013 Lewes
Liz Senior Stylist 2015 Lewes
Laura Senior Stylist 2015 Lewes
KerryQu Senior Stylist 2016  Uckfield
Sam Stylist 2016 Uckfield
Jane Senior Stylist 2016 Uckfield
Kala Stylist 2016 Lewes
Nikki Stylist 2017 Lewes
Ella Assistant 2017 Lewes


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